What is a Full-Service Community School?

 MPS in partnership with Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board, identified Bethune, Cityview and Green Central for participation in this initiative based on their location, available space in their buildings, community needs, and existing partnerships. Research and experience tell us that young people need a wide range of opportunities and supports to succeed. A quality academic program is necessary, but not sufficient. FSCS responds to societal factors, family circumstances, poverty and health problems. We need FSCS because all children regardless of their economic, racial or family circumstances deserve access to an array of opportunities. We also need them because schools must re-engage the broader public and FSCS are the place where this can happen.

FSCS addresses many of the realities that challenge today’s schools and educators: cultural disconnects, disengaged students, poverty, unaddressed health/social needs, transience, unsafe school environments, and overburdened and under resourced schools. By providing integrated and coordinated services of delivery (via community partnerships), students are positioned to achieve at their fullest potential.



Our Full-Service Community Resource Coordinator  is MS. VANESSA GILL visit her in  our Family Resource Center in Room 116 !!