SERT, Ms. Trissy


I am Ms. Trissy (TRIS-see), a new Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) at Bethune Community School. I completed my Bachelor's of Science in Child Psychology at the University of Minnesota in 2014, where I dual-minored in Family Social Science and Applied Psychology in Education and Community Settings. I completed my Master's in Special Education and received my license as an Academic Behavioral Strategist (K-12) through a Grow Your Own partnership between the University of St. Thomas and MPS in 2018, which allows education support professionals in the district to train for a teaching license through an intense residency at local schools. This unique experience allows me the opportunity to work with a diverse student population.


I fulfilled my residency obligations at North, Southwest, Andersen, and Bethune while attaining my ABS licensure. I also have previous experience at the college level serving students with disabilities.  Prior to my residency, I served as a Special Education Assistant at Bryn Mawr and St. Joe’s, as well as being a GEMS/GISE Jr coach. This experience in various school settings has solidified my dedication to all students with disabilities becoming college and career ready. I find a unique and fun opportunity when serving elementary students as they learn how to set good habits early, honor their strengths, learn from mistakes, and dream big.


As a SERT, I evaluate and provide services for students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), Other Health Disabilities (OHD), Emotional and Behavior Disorders (EBD), Developmental Cognitive Disorder (DCD), Developmental Delay (DD), Students Needing Alternative Programming (SNAP), and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). I provide support in the areas of reading, writing, math, and social-emotional learning inside and outside of the classroom depending on individual student needs. Teaching students’ self-advocacy skills is a critical part of my practice, in addition to providing a safe space to practice SEL and academic skills. At Bethune, I serve students in Kindergarten through 1st grade and I'm excited to help them find fun in learning and build confidence in their own abilities.


Feel free to contact me at 612-668-2550, Room 110, or email me: