Welcome to room 117

My name is Mrs. Donna Stevens;

I have been teaching in District One; Minneapolis for many years; 7 school years at Olson Middle school and 7 school years at Northeast Middle school.  I have had the pleasure of teaching at Bethune since the 2010-2011 school year. I am a Special Education classroom teacher working with students with the identification of having a Developmental Cognitive Disability; the 3rd 4th and 5th graders DCD classroom. Prior to my years with District One I was teaching in Burnsville for 5 years working with students with the identification of Autism. For three years prior to that I was teaching in Miami Florida as an Art and Basic leisure and Recreation teacher.

I was born in Germany but I have grown up in Minneapolis Minnesota. I went to Minneapolis public schools; first Tuttle School for elementary and then I went on to Marshall University High School (in Dinky Town by the Univ. of Minnesota campus) from 7th grade on to 12th.  I started my advanced education at the University of Minnesota in Pre-Art Education for a year.  I moved to Miami to finish college at Florida International University and I stayed in Miami for 10+ years. I finished in Art Education degree and then upon moving back to Minneapolis I completed a Masters in Education in Special Education. 

My pleasures (outside of the classroom) throughout my life have evolved around my family and friends and the pleasure I derive from my Art.  I have painted a few large murals; many drawings; printmaking (etchings with Aquatint) and sewing to name a few. Travels have allowed me to see different parts of world  (Egypt; England; Scotland; Sweden; Amsterdam; Paris; Germany; South America (Guyana); Mexico; Costa Rico and Oahu Hawaii. I have a wonder and appreciation for people. There are so many different perspectives to view our world from.

Please know that I will always attempt to follow your son or daughters lead to explore our world and understand it while we learn together.  Please feel free to approach me with any concerns you may have or support you may need from me. My email is donna.stevens@mpls.k12.mn.us