Principal's Page - Jasper Jonson
Principal Jasper Jonson
Principal Jasper Jonson

Hello Students, Families, and Community Members!

It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce myself as the new Principal at Bethune Community School.  Here is some information about me to get to know more about what my hopes and dreams are for this wonderful school.

Through my time as a special education teacher, school administrator, and district specialist, I have had extensive experience developing and implementing instructional and behavioral curriculum for many different types of students. 

Those students included:

Elementary students, secondary students, special education students, Asian students, homeless students, general education students, White students, transgender students, Black students, Latino students, homosexual students, students of an indigenous people, etc.

Although those students were significantly different from each other, I truly believed that all of those students have the opportunity to become highly successful through quality instruction and support.  The importance of racial equity, differentiated instruction, and a well-developed intervention system is crucial to the success of all students.  These areas have all become significant components in my pedagogy.  My objective as an assistant principal is to help educators increase their capacity to provide these specific educational components to all students.  


  • Educational Specialist, University of Saint Thomas, Minneapolis, MN
    • Licensure: Principal K-12 / School Administration
  • Master of Education, University of Saint Thomas, Minneapolis, MN
    • Licensure: Special Education – Learning Disabilities
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls, WI
    • Major:  Speech Communication / Major:  Marketing Communication


  • MN Certification: Principal K-12 / School Administration
  • MN Certification: Special Education – Learning Disabilities (K-12)

Contact Information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 612-668-2551
  • Twitter: @principaljonson