Math is Fun and Rewarding!

Hello, my name is Marium Toure and I am the K-5 Math Specialist for Bethune Elementary! Math is and has been my passion and my desire is for everyone to be problem solvers.
I have been at Bethune since August of 2011 and have enjoyed every moment working with our wonderful students!  Previously, I worked at the district level as a Math Specialist working with all of MPS.  Before that, I was a classroom teacher at another MPS school.


Below are 7 Messages from Jo Boaler's work on Teaching Mathematics for a Growth Mindset that encourage positive math experiences:

  1. Everyone can learn math to the highest levels.  Instead of saying "you are so smart," say, "it is great that you have learned that." 
  2. Mistakes are valuable. When students get something wrong, instead of being sympathetic or discouraging say, "your brain just grew! working hard makes your brain grow!"
  3. Questions are really important.  Ask questions such as, "why does that work?, why does that make sense?, Can I draw that?, How does that method connect to another?"
  4. Math is about creativity and making sense.  Always ask why does that make sense whether they are right or wrong.
  5. Math is about connections and communicating.  Encourage students to represent their work using pictures, words, graphs, equations and to link them together.
  6. Value depth over speed.  Value depth, creativity and different ways to solve problems not how quick they solve them.
  7. Math class is about learning not performing.  Math is a growth subject, it takes time to learn and is all about effort.


PDF Setting Up Positive Classroom Norms   --  Information and links to videos and descriptions of a mathematics growth mindset.