Environmental, Health and Safety Notification

1. Asbestos Notice:
In accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, any school that has asbestos containing building materials is required to provide written notification. All District schools, except those listed below, must distribute the attached Asbestos Notice to all parents, guardians and school employees.
Stadium View
Hmong International
MPLS Academy & Career
Jenny Lind
Nellie Stone Johnson
Lucy Laney
2. MN Parent Right to Know Notice:
The law requires that the attached Pesticide/Herbicide Application Schedule be made available for review and copying in your school office. It does not need to be distributed. The following statement must be published in your official school policy guide; “An estimated schedule of applications of pesticides is available for review or copying at the school office and a parent or guardian may receive prior notice of each unscheduled application if specifically requested.”
The attached MN Parent RTK Notice must be distributed to all parents, guardians and school employees. It has an OPTIONAL request portion for those wishing to be notified of any unscheduled applications at their school while it is in session. Principals are not required or expected to solicit anyone for the return of the request portion. EH&S will receive any completed forms and maintain a mailing list for those requesting notification. If an unscheduled pesticide application is required at your school, EH&S will then send an Individual Pesticide Application Notice to those on the mailing list and to your school’s office for posting prior to the pesticide application.
3. Radio Frequency Notice:
This notice is to inform all parents that there is equipment on the school site (Wi-Fi and in some cases cell antennas) that emits RF emissions and that it is in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission standards. All District schools must distribute the attached Radio Frequency Notice to parents, guardians and school employees.
4. Lead in Water Testing Notice:
In accordance with MN Statute 121A.335, MPS has implemented a lead in water safety plan. The law requires that the attached Lead in Water Testing Notice be distributed to all parents, guardians and school employees.
All documents underlined above (including language translations) are available on the District website at the following link: http://facilities.mpls.k12.mn.us/Environmental_Health_Safety.html