Mr. Sorlien, Music


Hello to all from the Bethune Music Teacher!  We have an abundance of creative and hard working students at our school and my goal is to get EVERY child to embrace the music they have within themselves and to bring it forward as a tool of self expression, self validation and confidence building.  

Hi, I'm John Sorlien.  I started my work with the Mpls School District in September of 2014.  I come from 20 years of charter school teaching.  My first placement was at Community of Peace Academy where I taught Grades k -12 for 15 yrs. My passion has always been with the younger kids, therefore making Bethune a perfect match.  I am a graduate of Mpls Community College and Augsburg College, both in Minneapolis, and after student teaching in Apple Valley, I found my place on the east side of St Paul and eventually at Bethune, here on the north side of Minneapolis. 

In the music room, we use Orff Instruments, recorders and our bodies to create and/or perform music.  Next year, I hope to start a ukelele program with 5th grade. 

I love talking with parents! So, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach me here at 612-668-2550, ext. 39324.